Took a ship back to Beihai from Hainan.

What’s Going On In School

It’s been over a month since school started and I never really talked about it, so I’ll just talk about what’s been happening over the first month of school.


  1. Unscheduled
  2. Junior English: I’m never a nice person during the first period of the day. This class reminds me of my freshmen english, which wasn’t the best class to be in.
  3. U.S. History: This is where the day starts. I’m sitting with a group of cool people (hello adv-in-the-boat-mo-bill). It’s been bugging me that I have this class during 3rd period because I usually have all of my history classes during the final period of the day.
  4. Physics: I actually understand the concept of physics, but I don’t have time to remember the formulas or do the homework.
  5. Photography 1/2: I have no friends in this class, but it’s still my favorite class.
  6. Precalculus: This class goes by pretty fast and I don’t even know what’s going on btw I’m not going to invest on a graphing calculator.
  7. Spanish III: It’s okay I guess. Nothing bad about it.

My schedule isn’t rigorous, but I am having a complicated time. Taking physics and precalculus is a really, really, really huge mistake. For some reason, I felt like I have to take those classes, but really, I should have thought about myself and choose any class I do want to take. I should’ve chosen anatomy and switched to IB math studies earlier, but it’s pretty much late for me. I should probably talk to my counselor about this.

Extracurricular Stuff:

So yeah, that’s it for now.

These are scans of my first graded project for my beginning photography class: using a pinhole camera and making a photogram.

The first two photos are my negative and positive taken with a pinhole camera. My partner and I made a pinhole camera, but she lost it in the dark room when she was developing her negative, so we used another pair’s camera. The object in the photo was a toy Sandy from SpongeBob SquarePants. I thought I did the negative wrong because the majority of the photo is white, but after developing the positive for a third time, the picture did turn out visible.

The third photo was my photogram, which is a print by exposing an object with light, casting a shadow on the photo paper. It took me three attempts to make an eligible photogram. I used a piece of grass, some pine needles, and some dead evergreen that was found outside of my classroom (I think).

I got a +46/50 overall, which is higher than I expected. For the pinhole project, I should have been in a brighter area to make the object more visible and have a better contrast. For the photogram, I thought the objects I gathered would look pretty cool, but the composition didn’t look as I thought it would be. It’s a decent photogram, but I could have found better objects for this one.

Submission date: September 18th, 2014


Frozen AU where the movie never existed

pop’n music ラピストリア - AKANE
» pop’n CG design and SDVX jacket by ちっひ



no treble

this makes me feel like I’m in the back of a club about to get murdered I LOVE it